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Location Shoot Portraits

Choosing a location shoot for your portrait can convey more about your lifestyle and your preferences.

Maybe you have a favorite place: a beach, a river, a forest, the city …

Maybe you want depicting pursuing your passions: playing your guitar, flipping your skateboard, teeing off, on your motorbike …

Maybe you want to be captured in your environment … on your terrace at home, in your office, in your bathtub …

I have a list of favorite places that I consider to be ‘photogenic’. If you would like an outdoor shoot and don’t know where I can help you with a few suggestions.

I love working with natural light. The morning brings different colors from later in the day. The late afternoon sees the “golden hour”, which is arguably the best time of the day. This is followed by the sunset, and then the “blue hour” which are great for landscapes, but with a portable lamp or a flash can produce very moody portraits. The bright sun of the middle of the day causes hard shadows with high contrast. This is not the most flattering light for portraits, but there are photo types for which it is good, and there are darer locations that benefit from the additional light e.g.  in a forest, or in at your desk in your office.

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