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Chaguanas, Trinidad & Tobago.
Who am I ?

Roger Lewis

  1. My journey into portrait photography started in 2002 when I received a film camera from my father as a present while working on the sister isle of Tobago. On my days off I would walk the streets of Tobago and shoot random people. I had to count every shot because I only had about 28 or 35 so I had to make each shot count. A year later I got a point and shoot camera from my mom, not long after I stopped painting and would buy film when I could afford it. Hence my dive into the waters of digital photography. With this new tool, I was able to view on the spot and shots were not limited. I could now shoot for a longer period, the size memory card was my only limit. Mistakes became lessons and I learned how to manage a digital camera. I was on my way to mastering something I love and there would be no turning back.

I was asked by a friend to shoot an event and I took the challenge. I then discovered lighting, I had to find an area of good light (sweet spot). I quickly learned to light and designed my own light source for my next few events and my first photo-shoot that was to come. I practiced with my co-workers every evening as time allowed and now I was able to create my own sweet spot at will. Now I understood how to use controlled light or use available light to capture portraits but I now saw the limit of a point and shoot camera,  I saved whatever money I got from photography and bought a DSLR camera. There was no turning back. I went to YouTube, did reviews, and studied photography almost every day, and learned the tools of my trade. Later I would attend the University of the West Indies certificate class and received an A-plus.

Carnival presented more opportunities to practice and I decided to only shoot in manual mode which made me sharper in my judgment and my understanding of the settings of the camera and how they all work.  I was now able to master street portraits and studio portraits. Although I have not let go of street portraits I have been shooting more studio lit style photography for clients. The power of the facial expression, the beauty of hues in color, and the ability to adjust to the environment or ambient light are lessons I learned from the street. Experience really is truly a great teacher. I now do portraits in my home studio or at locations at the client’s request. The ability to artistically capture Weddings, Portraits, Family shoots, Birthday shoots, Corporate head-shots, and Beauty make-up shoots are some of the areas that have made me a professional photographer.

Photographer: “Bunney’s Lens”
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