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Portrait Photographer in Trinidad

My Journey to Becoming a Portrait Photographer

trinidad portrait photographer, Roger LewisMy journey into portrait photography started in 2004 when I received a film camera from my father as a present while I was working on the sister isle of beautiful Tobago. On my days off I would walk the streets of Tobago and shoot random people. I had to count every shot because I only had about 24  exposures or so, so I had to make each shot count. Then I got a point and shoot camera from my mom. She saw my love for photography.  I stopped painting (Which I will return to). Hence my dive into the waters of digital photography. I was now able to view on the spot and was not limited. I could shoot for longer periods,  mistakes became lessons and I learned how to manage a digital camera. I was on my way to mastering something I love and there would be no turning back.

Lighting and Studio Photography

I then found out the power of good light and would study and practice lighting areas and people. I quickly learned to light. I even designed my own light source. I practiced with my co-workers every evening as time allowed and now I was able to create my own “sweet spots”. I’m still learning, but now I understand how to use controlled light or use available light to capture portraits. I late saved whatever money I got from photography and bought a DSLR camera. There was no turning back. I went to YouTube, did reviews, and studied photography almost every day to learn the tools of my craft. Later I would attend the University of the West Indies certificate class and received an A-plus.

Carnival and Street Photography

Carnival presented more opportunities to practice and I decided to only shoot in manual mode which made me sharper in my judgment and my understanding of the settings of the camera and how they all work. I was now able to master street portraits and studio portraits. (I now use a different approach).

Street Photography is where I’m at home. I have been shooting more studio lit style photography for clients. The power of the facial expression, the beauty of hues in color, and the ability to adjust to the environment or ambient light are lessons I learned from the street shooting, and these lessons carried over. Experience really is the best teacher.

I now do portraits in my home studio or at locations at the client’s request. Weddings, Portraits, Family shoots, Birthday shoots, Corporate head-shots, and Beauty make-up photography are some of the waters I have swum. I can now deliver a complete package of your event digitally or in print. Allow me to capture your moments. The Lens is my Paintbrush.

Portraits at Events & Additional Portrait Types

There are other portrait types that have not been included specifically in the website. EG corporate portraits, children & babies, fashion, athletes’ muscle shots, etc. There is just not time to make a webpage for each photography discipline in which I involve myself at the moment, but please ask me!

Special events often include some portrait photography. EG. a birthday party might call for photography and/or video coverage but will most likely include a portrait of the person whose birthday is being celebrated.  Wedding photography will nearly always include portrait sessions.

On the HOME page you may have seen a section named, Portraits – Make-Up. This has not been given its own page and any photos from that section are included in either Portrait Photo Studio or in Location Shoots.
Maternity Photography is also a branch of portrait photography but they are so popular that I have given them their own section.

How to Book a Portrait Photography Session


If the session you wish for is something that I regularly do: eg a portrait session in the studio, or an on-location session from my list of favourite places, then straight away I will be able to send you the up-to-date price list with options listed.

2. We Discuss Details

For ‘less usual’ shoots we need to discuss details, and then I will quickly get back to you with a price. This could mean at a location you specify, particular printing or output requirements, or special commercial usage rights such as for a magazine.

3. We Schedule

Next we agree the date, time and maximum duration of the session.

4. You Pay a Deposit

Now we should have a statement of the nature of the shoot(s); the deliverable output – whether printed, digital, or both; the location; and the date, time and duration. Next you pay a deposit.

The Experience

You don’t have to be a professional model to look like one. A photo-shoot does not have to be a nerve wracking experience.

Feel the experience of a joy-filled session that will remain with you every time you look at your photos, or remember the superstar moments when you stood in front of my lens. You and your loved ones will forever remember your worthwhile investment into a professional photo-shoot.

My aim is to understand you and meet your needs with an output that satisfies what you requested while applying my creative touch. Whether it’s a Birthday Celebration, Wedding or maybe you just want to feel even more beautiful than you believe that you are, allow me the opportunity to shower you with my light or cover you with the shadows of the best photo-shoot experience you will ever have. Let me guide and pose you to ensure we get the best in your photos.

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