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Allana’s Birthday Photoshoot

Allana confessed, she was not one to smile much. Why not I wondered, she had perfectly white pearls under that nice nose and beautiful brown eyes. Msybe it was her defence against people but i had to make sure she was comfortable enough to show the world a side of her that is not normally seen. So we warmed up and then after a few of my stale jokes she must have felt sorry for me and out cane the most beautiful smile.  It was then that i saw what was hidden behind the mask.

This pretty Caribbean woman was fit and lean, strong and oh so powerful sonit was fitting that she did this AfroCaribbean warrior princess styled shoot and she pulled it of effortlessly. We had plan to shoot in the woods but to no avail.  The rain came the gates were locked so we found the bamboo and created the magic of Allana the African Warrior Princess. Hope you enjoy this shoot as much as I enjoyed capturing these moments.

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