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Grenada Jouvert 2023

At 4:30am I dropped out the small passenger bus seated 18 or 20 people instead of the 12 persons it was designed to seat. We had to “small Up” as the Grenadian conductor would say every time he squeezed in another passenger. “Oh, and the fees was raised on this Jouvert Morning from 2.50EC to 5.00EC which is not bad at all considering the demand for transport was up by more than 50%.  As I walk into the dark streets they were packed with people of all races, shades, sizes, and ages, everyone seemed to be lost in the sounds of Soca type music or JabJab music blasting from speakers by the wooden temporary bars while wait for their jab band to appear out of the dark. Amber color streetlight lit streets as I then notice characters of all sorts. The dead bride, the silver people, the mud people, a big cock running back and forth, but mainly persons gathered sharing black oil and rubbing themselves in it, some even bathing from head to toe. Everyone would turn black no matter the shade of clothing or skin, this was a celebration of the JabJab, the freeing of the slaves, a Rebellon meant to scare the slave master, a reenactment of a past not forgotten. And then you hear the drums coming in the distance accompanied by the sound of chains dragging. The slaves had broken all chains and were finally free. Free to own the island, free to do as they wanted, free to put fear in masa. This is JAB, and this is how “we does be jabbing”. The Grenada Carnival a must for all Carnival Hunters. Rich in culture Spice Mas has a variety of options for all who cho0se this Caribbean festival that mainly celebrates the breaking away from slavery. This album is Jab Jab. This is Carnival in Grenada Jouvert 2023!

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