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Panama Street Photography 2021

My first trip to the beautiful and cosmopolitan city of Panama, I could not resist the craving to walk the streets and capture not just the people, but the amazing surroundings, buildings the dogs, the food and yes, the Old City among a lot of other attractive things. This was the first time in Panama so at first I was unsure of the reaction of the people when a camera was pointed at them but I soon learned that street photography is the same all over the world. There was smiles, even with the mask on I could see smiles in the eyes. of course there were rejections as expected, and there was anger which drove me to delete some nice captures. I only deleted those out of respect as I would do anywhere for anyone. Mainly , I must say, the shooting was good, but I will let you judge for yourself.

The trip was more of a fun trip where I hung out with friends, old and new ones and  we had a blast. We would hang late but most times I would run out the apartment early in the morning to catch a sunrise, people exercising or even people just being people. These photos are in no way to disrespect or degrade the captivating City of Panama, my intention is to take you, the viewer, there and make you feel as though you were walking with me on the streets of New Panama or breathing the air of the Old Panama City. I want you to feel the rain wetting your skin as I run through the Old City and be blinded by the brilliant colors of the native people.  Please digest these moments with me and feel free to share with a friend or two. Welcome to Panama.

I hope you enjoy these captures as much as I enjoyed freezing them. Please like and share if you desire long press, to share and download any photo.


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